Citrix Cloud on AWS hosting, blogs and KBs collection

Here is a collection of blogs and KBs you may want to keep track when you want interfacing Citrix Cloud with AWS. It may grow with time.

Citrix Cloud product documentation

The Citrix Cloud product documentation. Not specific to AWS. Just in case.

Plan and build a deployment – Amazon Web Services cloud environments

Still the Citrix Cloud product documentation. Specific to AWS.

AWS Permissions

Regularly take a look on the permission section below. I’ve noticed steady amendments there.

Leading practices for Citrix Cloud on AWS – Part 1, 2, 3

This is an appetizer of what you can expect on your journey to Citrix Cloud with AWS.

General communication ports

Come on, we all know this one. If you did not. Just pretend.

How to create machines using MCS with AWS Cloud

At first glance, this article seems a bit simplistic. But it gives the keys on the kinematic of what MCS does, step by step.

Citrix MCS ports on AWS

AWS security groups – Inbound port rules for MCS Provisioning and general connectivity for ports hardening.

I’m configuring the AWS Permissions with Terraform. Let me know if there is any interest on doing a dedicated blog post on this.

Citrix tips: MCS in secure AWS deployments

“A volume service instance could not be launched in your cloud connection.”

Having this error message? Already confirmed your AWS region can provide the M4 instance family? Then, take a look at this blog post.

Deploying Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops in AWS Nitro-based regions

If you need to deploy virtual machines in a new AWS region and this region does not provide M4 instances (e.g. ap-east-1).
M4 is Citrix default instance family used for temporary instances in MCS. You will have to create and customize your own AMI in order to use MCS to deploy instances in your nitro-based region.

The Poster

Not specific to AWS. The essential element to understand the nuances of architectures when using Citrix Cloud.

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